Glosser : Translator Plugin for Gaim

Welcome to The world of Simplified Communication,
I want to make this page simple but informative,
however you will see Quite Interesting things happening in this place soon.

Have you ever Imagined how it will be if you can communicate to someone in English
and the counterpart understands but in different language without any Hiccups ?

Well we are dreaming of that world, where there are no boundaries.
Please do contact me if you want to be a part of this project.

you can reach me at vasundhar(at)sourceforge(dot)net

I am eagerly waiting for you All to code,to test or give feedback
Thanks A lot for visiting this page.
You say 'Welcome to Glosser', They See .Benvenuto a Glosser'[Spanish].
They say "Juntar o partido" [Portuguese] and You know what they told is "Join the party".

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